Creating a durable, highly engaging, effective brand image that encompasses your idea is not an easy task. We have traveled down this path many times with a variety of clients. Whether we're preparing a magazine we've designed for print, conspired on a highly visible piece for a festival or delivered a custom, all inclusive brand image to a client, our approach is continuously the same. Our goal is to properly and pridefully present to the world the power of your idea.

We can do this in a variety of ways. We pride ourselves on delivering super rich, highly engaging, unique design work that packs the strength of a bull with the fluidity of a fish. `We genuinely enjoy exploring ideas and bringing them to life. It is not only our job, it is our lifestyle. 

BullFish Media is a boutique agency that specializes in creative & design. We are dedicated to making your visions come to life.
— Ryan Brekke


is a creative design agency focused on using the right people for the project. With specialist designers and developers, strategists and marketeers, we work with clients large and small to create and shape successful brands.