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is a multifaceted experiential agency based out of Las Vegas with three main verticals. They provide Entertainment Programming for high profile events nationwide, direct Content Creation projects in the lifestyle/hospitality space and lastly, the team offers multiple experiences carefully crafted to charge up your vibe!


Entertainment Programming

Combine music, art, design and culture to fuel engaging experiences. 

Content Creation

 Produce rich, vibrant content that tastefully and stylishly captures the essence of each brand.  

Lifestyle Consulting

What is your "Morning Manifesto"? Do you have one? Rico DeLargo's simple methods in meditation and mindfulness are tailor made for anyone constantly on the go or for those having trouble getting going.




Get a large crew of energized, synergized, savvy individuals from Las Vegas to stay within the walls of the Nativ Hotel at the same time.

Encourage guests to post to their social media platforms and tag/# the venue during their visit to further expand the audience for Nativ Hotel.

Visually capture the experience and turn it into a promotional vessel for both Lifestyle Supreme and the Nativ Hotel.

Capture valuable feedback upon completion of the project from all parties to give back to Nativ Management Team.

Conceptualize 2016 marketing and promotions efforts utilizing footage captured for the Nativ Hotel.


Old Fashioned Conversation

Old Fashioned Conversation was a video series filmed at Inspire Theater in the world famous Downtown Las Vegas corridor. Lifestyle Supreme and Don Julio Tequila came together to provide an evening of engagement, live entertainment and some premium tequila variants to fuel conversation amongst it’s beautiful guests. The event attracted city leaders, artists, musicians, DJs, nightlife veterans, casino industry executives and influencers from all over the City of Las Vegas.


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The symbol that says it all

Bullfish Media created the sharp logo that captures the true essence of the brand, produced marketing materials for events with Don Julio Tequila and Perrier Jouet Champagne as well as building/designing the brand's blog space..

We are all on a life journey. The Lifestyle Supreme logo represents multiple facets of our individual quests. Our endeavor is to help individuals and brands create and find stimulating experiences, hence the compass to show guidance. The outer perimeter represents the earth. All of the arrows and triangulated points reaching to meet the next perimeter in reflects our opportunity to connect with those around us in positive ways. The triangles that include three lines within encapsulate our daily focus of Body, Mind and Spirit. The flowers in the star are an ode to the family who nurtures us and most importantly, the innermost circle is the truest, most authentic version we take along our life journey..

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